Jae H. Paik, Ph.D.

Jae H. Paik, Ph.D.


Associate Professor

Area: Developmental Psychology


Contact Information


Office: EP 305

Office Phone: (415) 405-0577

Office Hours: Mondays and Wednesdays 10:00-11:30am & by appt.

Email: jaepaik@sfsu.edu

Lab: EP 209

Lab Phone: (415) 405-0555


Research Interests


Dr. Paik received her Ph.D. in developmental psychology and cognitive science from Indiana University in 2005. Her research focuses on the development of early mathematical concepts, comparison processes, and verb acquisitions. She is particularly interested in the intricate relation between language, culture, and conceptual development. She is currently conducting various studies examining the cross-cultural differences between English, French, Korean, and Chinese speaking children’s cognitive development.


Representative Publications (* = Indicates a Student Author)


Paik, J. H., Luong, H. N., & Morsella, E. (2011). Giving children a prefrontal cortex? Increased mental control through external cues. The Psychology of Self-Control. New York: Nova Publishers.­­


Paik, J.H., Gelderen, L.*, Gonzales, M.* & Jong, P.F. (2011). Cross-Cultural Differences in Early Math Skills Among the U.S., Taiwanese, Dutch and Peruvian Preschoolers. International Journal of Early Years Education.


Gonzales, M.* & Paik, J. H. (2010). Cross-Cultural Difference in Preschool Teacher’s Teaching Style and Math Instruction. International Journal of Learning, 17(10), 251-264.


Childers, J. and Paik, J.H. (2009). Korean- And English-Speaking Children’s Use Comparison in Verb Learning. Journal of Child Language, 36, 201-221.


Paik, J. H. & Mix, K.S. (2008). It’s All Relative: Different Levels of Relational Similarity Used in Children’s Comparisons. British Journal of Developmental Psychology, 26, 495-505.


Mix, K.S. & Paik, J.H. (2008). Do Korean and Fraction Names Promote Part-Whole Reasoning? Journal of Cognition and Development, 9(2), 145-170.


Paik, J.H. & Mix, K.S. (2006). Preschooler’s Use of Surface Similarity in Object Comparisons: Taking Context into Account. Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, 95(3), 194-214.


Paik, J.H. & Mix, K.S. (2003). U.S. and Korean Children’s Comprehension of Fraction Names: A Re-Examination of Cross-National Differences. Child Development, 74, 144-154.












Courses Offered

Spring, 2008

PSY432 Cognitive Development-Language, Thinking, and Perception

Fall, 2007

PSY770 Research Methods and Techniques

PSY432 Cognitive Development-Language, Thinking, and Perception

Spring, 2007

PSY735 Individual Differences in Cognitive Development

PSY432 Cognitive Development-Language, Thinking, and Perception

Fall, 2006

PSY432 Cognitive Development-Language, Thinking, and Perception