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PSY 305 - Controversial Issues in Psychology
PSY 330 - Child Development
PSY 400 - Research Methods in Psychology
PSY 433 - Social and Emotional Development
PSY 431 - Developmental Psychology
PSY 730 - Current Issues in Developmental Psychology
PSY 735 - Love and the Life Cycle
PSY 735 - Prevention, Intervention, and Family Transitions
PSY 737 - Observation of Children
PSY 739 - Writing for Technical Journals
PSY 770 - Research Methods


My research addresses families with special attention to the role of coparenting, fathering, and divorce. I am currently conducting studies on:
1) how families from diverse cultural experiences adjust to divorce
2) a program evaluation of the Kids' Turn divorcing family intervention program
3) how adolescents
socially construct their relationships with their fathers
4) how divorce and
eating practices are related

·     Social and Emotional Development in Childhood and Adolescence
·     Interparental Conflict, Co-Parenting Processes, and Child Psychopathology
·     Father-Child Relationship as Buffer between Negative Events and Adjustment
·     Intervention with Families in Crisis and with Families of Divorce
·     Contextual Influences on Parenting Behavior


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Talking about the results of Juang & Cookston (2009a) on radio and televison:




1992  Southwestern University, Georgetown, TX.  B.A. in Psychology.  Minor in Spanish. Undergraduate advisor:  Robert Reinehr, Ph.D.

1997  University of Texas, Austin, TX., M.A. in Human Development and Education, Department of Educational Psychology.  Graduate advisor:  Amanda Harrist, Ph.D.

2000  University of Texas, Austin, TX., Ph.D. in Human Development and Education, Department of Educational Psychology.  Graduate advisor:  Amanda Harrist, Ph.D.  Dissertation  Responsive parenting behavior:  Its relation to role quality, the parenting alliance, and interpersonal context.  Committee:  Cindy Carlson (co-chair), Amanda Harrist (co-chair), Ted Dix, Lucia Gilbert, William Koch

2000-2002  Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ., NIMH Postdoctoral Fellow. Program for Prevention Research.  Postdoctoral advisors:  Sanford Braver, Ph.D., and Irwin Sandler, Ph.D.



Effects and meaning of fathers for adolescents

This project was funded by NIMH for a three-wave longitudinal study of 392 families at two sites (Phoenix, AZ and Riverside, CA) to explore the “meaning of fatherhood” across the adolescent transition.  The sample is evenly divided among two father types (birth-father and stepfather) and ethnicities (Mexican American and European American).  The study includes multi-agent, multi-method reporting for most constructs.  For more information on the PAYS project please go to our website.

                Arizona State University Staff                      

Principle Investigator:                Sanford L. Braver
Co-Principle Investigators:        William Fabricius, Delia Saenz

University of California Riverside Staff

Principle Investigator:                Scott L. Coltrane
Co-Principle Investigators:        Ross D. Parke

San Francisco State University

Investigator:                Jeffrey T. Cookston

Tulane University

Affiliated Faculty:        Michele Adams


NOTE - underlined authors are current and former student collaborators

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Mauskopf, S., O’Leary, A., Banhashimini, A., Weiner, M., T., & Cookston, J. (in press). Divorce, Family Context, and Eating Behaviors: A Five-Day Diary Study of Pre-Adolescent Obesity Risk. Accepted for publication at Childhood Obesity.

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