Developmental Psychology Concentration


Dr. Karras recently collaborated in a youth participatory action research (yPAR) project to develop, implement and evaluate using migration narratives as a discrete intervention for promoting inclusive school climates for immigrant-origin students. Qualitative findings from this project will be published in a special issue of Cultural Diversity & Ethnic Minority Psychology regarding ‘Collaborative and Participatory Research to Promote Engagement, Empowerment, and Resilience for Immigrant and Refugee Youth, Families, and Communities’.

Cross-cultural patterns in mathematic and verbal skill acquisition among young children

Dr. Jae Paik has recently led and collaborated with her international colleagues from Netherlands, Peru, and Taiwan examining cross-cultural differences in the math abilities of preschoolers.  In another line of research, Dr. Paik examined the effects of contexts and comparison processes on U.S. and Korean 2- and 3-year-olds' verb acquisition.


Intervention programs that reduce conflict among divorced parents 

Dr. Jeffrey Cookston recently published an article in Family Court Review providing evidence that after participation in a divorcing parent education curriculum parents reported less conflict, anxiety, and depression. These results are important as they represent only the second time that a psychoeducational intervention program reduced conflict between parents after divorce. Incidentally, Dr. Cookston was also the lead author on that paper published in Family Processes.

Developmental students from August 2006